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Geek Vape Z Series Coils in Dubai 5pc/Pack


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The GeekVape Z series coils are available in a range of sub-ohm resistances delivering exceptional flavour and high performance. Available in either 0.15ohm rated at 70-80W, 0.2ohm rated at 70W-80W, 0.25ohm rated at 45-57W or a 0.4ohm rated at 50 – 60W. Due to the coil resistances, we recommend pairing these with e-liquids of 60% VG and above for best results.

Geek vape Z Series Coils Features:

0.4ohm Mesh Z1 Coil – rated 50-60W
0.2ohm Mesh Z2 Coil – rated 70-80W
0.25ohm Z Dual Coil -rated 45-57W
0.15ohm Z Mesh Coil-rated 80-90W
Threaded Bottom Coil Base Section
Compatible Tanks: Geek Vape Z, Obelisk & P Tank (Except Z0.25)

GeekVape Z Series Coils (Zeus Sub-Ohm Coils) are made of KA1 and are meshed coils giving a longer lifespan. Z Series Coils are perfectly-designed to produce big vapour clouds and great vapour flavour with their high wattage and low resistance. A cloud chaser’s dream!

Experience the uber-satisfying vaping experience of the Z Series Coils in any of the following Geek Vape kits or tanks:

Z Sub Ohm Tank (Zeus Subohm Tank)
Aegis X Kit
Aegis Legend 2 Kit
Obelisk 120 FC Z Kit
Aegis Solo 2 S100 Kit
P Sub Ohm Tank (Z0.25 dual coil is not compatible)
Aegis Max100 Kit
Aegis Max100 Kit
Please note:

As always, remember to prime new coils. Place a few drops of e-juice in the coil before installing to saturate the cotton and avoid getting dry hits.
GeekVape Z Series Coils Specifications:
0.15 ohm Z0.15 Mesh (80-90W)
0.15 ohm Z0.15 Mesh SS316L (60-70W)
0.2 ohm Z0.2 (formerly called Z2) Mesh (70-80W)
0.25 ohm Z0.25 Dual Coil (45-57W)
0.4 ohm Z0.4 (formerly called Z1) Mesh (50-60W)
Geekvape Z Series Coils the Geekvape Z (Zeus) Sub-Ohm Mesh Replacement Coils are a set of canthal meshed heating element coil atomizers built for the new Geekvape Z(Zeus) Sub-Ohm Tank, the latest variant in the tried-and-true Z lineage. The mesh coils are installed in a plug ‘n’ play fashion from the bottom threaded tank base. It comes in a pack of five.

Important information about sub ohm vaping:

Any coil that registers below 1.0 Ohm, is known as a sub ohm coil. Recommended for advanced vapers only, they’ll require more power to use properly, which will be provided by an advanced vape kit.

With these coils larger amounts of vapour will be created, to support this we recommend you use e-liquids that are 60% VG or higher. Due to the larger amounts of vapour that is created, we advise that you do not use an e-liquid that has higher than a 6mg nicotine strength.


0.15 ohm Mesh coils (80-90W)


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